Our Specialty

Bauer Turnkey Projects Ltd. provides services related to electronic boards design and prototyping. We support all design stages from product definition to mass production.

Among the products we developed in the recent years there are Single-Board Computers (SBC), Computers-on-Module (CoM), carrier boards for CoM integration, and also less integrated products such as auxiliary boards and adapters. Find some of our projects in Our Portfolio.

Upon each projects design completion we provide to our customers requested quantity of working prototypes, as well as the complete production file required for the product's mass production in any assembly facility in the world.

We also co-ordinate mass-production of the product, including design and support of the ATP test. The customer receives his product in assembled and tested condition, packed according to his specification.

Please read the F.A.Q section or contact us for more information.

Partnership with CompuLab

BauerTKP has signed a partnership agreement with CompuLab. CompuLab is the leading manufacturer of Computer on Module boards providing solutions based on Atom and ARM CPU architectures.

The partnership between BauerTKP and CompuLab makes possible efficient deployment of the CompuLab CoM-based systems, when Bauer customers get all the knowledge, facilities and support CompuLab has to offer.