Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

BauerTKP excel at high-density designs, packing analog features into digital boards, utilizing every square millimeter of the board space and finding solution where the others quit. Take a brief glance at our past projects to have a feel of the engineering capabilities of BauerTKP.

Industrial Dual Smart Battery Tablet Computer Motherboard

    • CompuLab CM-iTC CoM based carrier board

    • External interfaces: HDMI, USB Host, USB Device, Power Input (19V)

    • Internal interfaces: mSATA, mPCIE, 2x Smart Battery, LVDS LCD, Resistive Touch Panel

    • Dual Smart Battery Charger

Multichannel Communication Device

    • CompuLab CM-iTC CoM based carrier board

    • External interfaces: 1GbE, HDMI, USB, 4x SIM card

    • Internal interfaces: 5x PCIE, 1x SIM card, mSATA, 1x GbE

    • Automotive range power input with spike protection up to 80V (without power disconnect) and load dump protection

    • Smart ON/OFF scheduling

Mobile Pocket Gadget with LCD and Touch Panel

    • CompuLab CM-T3517 CoM based carrier board

    • 3.2" TFT LCD

    • Resistive touch panel

    • 2x USB2.0 ports, 1x USB OTG port

    • Li-Po battery (1 cell)

    • Charging via USB OTG socket

    • SD and microSD sockets

    • Onboard vibro motor

Smart User Interface Controller

    • Carrier board for CompuLab CM-T3730 CoM

    • Multiple LCD support: LVDS, PRGB

    • Capacitive and Resistive TP support

    • Universal extension for future LCD models

    • 1GbE Port

    • Automotive range power input

    • Modbus interface

    • Support for all CompuLab's CM-Txxxx modules

Powerful Industrial Tablet PC

    • COM Express Carrier Board

    • Customer's proprietary hardware integrated

    • Half-SATA SSD

    • 1GbE ports (external, internal)

    • Li-Po Battery Power

    • LVDS LCD with brightness control

    • Capacitive touch screen

    • Wi-Fi, Audio, USB interfaces

    • Automotive range power input

Pico-ITX Sized QSeven Industrial Computer

    • QSeven Carrier Board

    • 3 1Gbit Ethernet ports

    • Half-SATA, external SATA (incl. power for HDD), eUSB support

    • EPI LVDS connector

    • 16-bit GPIO port

    • ACPI support

    • 4 USB2.0 ports (2x USB-A, 2x eUSB)

    • RTC rechargeable battery

    • 12V DC power input

Tablet PC Backbone

Backbone for Industrial CoM-Based Tablet PC

    • Intel Atom CPU @ 1.6GHz

    • 2GB DDR2

    • 10.4" LCD with Touch Panel

    • 3000mAh 2-cell Li-Po Battery with charger

    • WiFi, BT, 1000-BaseT LAN

    • Serial port

    • 4 USB ports

    • Sata SSD

    • SD Card Slot

    • 1W Stereo Speakers, Microphone, Sound I/O

    • 2MP Autofocus Camera

Multi-Display Pentium IV Based Computer-on-Module

120 x 90 mm high performance embedded PC.

    • Non-mobile Pentium-IV CPU (60W thermal design power) and its 70 Amper 2-phase voltage regulator

    • 512 Mbyte DDR SDRAM (both onboard and socketed), 1024 Mbyte Flash Disk on-board

    • ATI MOBILITY RADEON dual-head graphics controller with 2 x CRT, Parallel RGB, LVDS, TV out, C/Y TV interfaces

    • 2 10/100BaseT LAN ports

    • Serial port

    • 4 USB ports

    • HDD controller, GPIO interface

    • PS/2 ports

    • Sound I/O

Board space utilization >89%.

Heat sink design (900 sq.cm surface area).

P-III Mobile Based Computer-on-Module

Extra-small (99 x 69 mm) high performance embedded PC.

    • Pentium-III CPU, 256 Mbyte SDRAM, 1024 Mbyte Flash Disk on-board

    • PCI, LPC and AC97 buses

    • SXGA graphics controller, CRT interface

    • 2 x 10/100BaseT LAN controllers

    • Sound sub-system

    • USB ports, UART ports

    • LPT port, GPIO

    • HDD and FDD controllers

    • PS/2 controller

Board space utilization >80%.

Heat sink design.

Mini-ATX Form Factor CoM Carrier Board

Mini-ATX form-factor carrier board for the module above. Provides interface connectors and adds features not included within the module.

    • PCI and CNR slots

    • CRT monitor connector

    • USB connectors

    • Serial port connectors

    • LPT, GPIO, PS/2 connectors

    • HDD and FDD connectors

    • 2 x 10/100BaseT LAN sockets

    • Audio jack connectors

    • Lithium battery for RTC

    • 2 x Card Bus (PCMCIA) slots

    • IrDA module

PC/104+ Compliant System (CoM + Carrier Board)

A PC/104+ compliant computer consisting of a CPU module and a baseboard which adds more features. Numerous features with their corresponding interface connectors are packed within the 96 mm x 91 mm system.

    • Pentium-III CPU

    • 384 Mbyte SDRAM (both onboard and socketed), 512 Mbyte Flash Disk, Dual BIOS

    • SXGA graphics controller, interfaces for LCD panel and CRT monitor

    • PC/104 (ISA) and PC/104+ (PCI) expansion buses

    • Two serial ports with RS232/RS485/RS422/TTL driver options

    • 2 USB ports, LPT port, GPIO interface

    • HDD and FDD controllers

    • PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports

    • IrDA Transceiver

    • Sound I/O

    • 2 10/100BaseT LAN ports

    • Dual Card Bus / PCMCIA slots

Module board space utilization >85%.

Heat sink design.