CompuLab Partnership


CompuLab is the leading manufacturer of Computer on Module boards providing solutions based on Atom and ARM CPU architectures. CompuLab's products excel with an advanced set of features, outstanding level of integration, high reliability and affordable prices.


Bauer was established by the CompuLab senior design engineers who accompanied the CompuLab success since the late 90's when CompuLab's very first CoM product, the 486CORE, was introduced. Since then Bauer has developed an expertize in every new product CompuLab released.

In 2010 Bauer became an official CompuLab baseboard design house. Our experience and CompuLab collaboration are keys to the prosperity of our customers all over the world.

The Edge of Bauer

Bauer is the official CompuLab baseboard design subcontractor. The customers of Bauer gain from many aspects of this partnership, among them:

    • More than 10 years of experience with CompuLab products

    • Shortest possible design times

    • Product integration using CompuLab facilities

    • Instant CompuLab technical support

    • Low cost off-the-shelf designs

    • Components stock for prototyping

Make all these advantages work for you ― join the customers of Bauer today!